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Arbor Care

The trees on a property are possibly the most undervalued asset. Well-maintained trees open up the landscape while providing shade and dimension. Conversely, trees, left unattended, can damage buildings and clutter landscaping.

 Tree Planting

A careful selection of trees enhances your property. In addition, we consider the long-term maintenance of specimens and their impact on other landscape elements to assist in making the best choices for your design and budget.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is often referred to as tree trimming. When we remove dead branches and limbs, that is called pruning trees. Proper pruning can allow for your mature trees to live longer and won’t harm the healthy branches.

Some reasons that people in Tucson get their tree trimmed are:

  • Maintain the tree’s health
  • Lower branches hanging in the way (maybe even causing an HOA violation)
  • Broken branches
  • Avoiding power lines
  • Diseased limbs
  • Too many branches

Most situations require proper engineering and planting before exacting work. The cost for tree pruning may vary depending on the tree size, distance to our truck, the tree’s height, and the amount of debris removed that needs to be hauled away.

Tree Removal

Tree removal consists of removing the tree in its entirety, including the roots. Some reasons you might call us for this service are:

  • Dead tree
  • It is causing structural damage
  • Your fruit tree is dropping rotten fruit, or you aren’t eating the fruit anymore.
  • Planted in the wrong place
  • Planting a different kind of tree in that location
  • The tree has blown over
  • For many more reasons – whatever they are, we are happy to come to remove it and haul it all away!

Trees can blow over in Arizona for various reasons, such as being planted too shallow, improper pruning, or not being watered correctly. Often, these trees fall over during monsoon season or a harsh storm.

If you consider having us remove your mature tree to replace it with a young tree, head over to Contact Us, and we can provide you with a free estimate.

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